Create Amazing Vuetify WebApps using BANanoVuetifyAD3 — Part 1

A running Vuetify WebApp
  1. Download the free development platform B4J. Follow the instructions on the download page to get yourself started. If you already did this from the previous article, there is no need to do it again.
  2. You also need the javascript transpiler, named BANano. Get it here.
  3. The BANanoVuetifyAD3 libraries are available from this github, please download these also
  4. I have created a template that you can install that will get you started in no time, please download it here.
  5. Finally, you need a WAMP server with https enabled. I use Laragon for development, as its easier to setup without hustles. You can do this with any webserver anyway. Download this and install it.
  1. We are almost there, create 3 folders on your PC. Lets call these c:\b4x\shared, c:\b4x\libraries and c:\b4x\workspace.
  1. Open B4J, click Tools, click Configure Paths and then point to the shared and libraries folders you just created. As an example, here is my configuration in Figure 1
  1. Open B4J, click on File > New > BVAD3EDS
  1. The Main module, AppStart sub-routine was called.
  2. This initialized the BANano library and then build the webapp by transpiling every code line you wrote to javascript, css and html.
  3. During the process of building the WebApp, the BANano_Ready event was called.
  4. BANano_Ready called the pgIndex.Initialize sub-routine.
  5. The pgIndex.Initialize sub-route initialized the BANAnoVuetifyAD3 library and created the structure of our project, by creating the layout, adding the route page components and their layouts etc. This is depicted with figure 7 below.




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